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Bright Rejuvenation Candle Craft and Bath Shop

Our favorites

Wax Melts

Wax melts are perfect for small or large spaces!

A decorative glass jar is pictured with fairy lights illuminating them.

 Scented Candles

With over 20+ colors and 50+ scents, find the perfect gift for your loved ones today (or get yourself something nice!)

Naturally Simple

I've always strived to buy and use items that are made of organic materials. I was having a hard time finding this when buying candles though. I decided to take matters into my own hands and voila! Before I knew it, I was making candles for friends and family right in my kitchen. I grew to love making them and decided to turn it into a small business so others can also benefit from the natural ingredients. 


All different candle containers being prepped

“I absolutely love this candle! I love that I was able to pick the color and fragrance, making it a truly unique candle! Shipping was very prompt as well. .”

Pamela, Massachusetts

"Great quality and a lot of scents and colors to choose from. Seller was readily available to answer any questions."

JessicaNew Jersey

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